Monogram Recordings

Monogram Recordings is no longer an active production company. Instead we are now mainly working on an independent basis. You are more than welcome to contact us individually for projects where you would like us to contribute with our songwriting, production, mixing or mastering abilities. We are of course also open for working together as a team again under the Monogram umbrella in case that would be requested.

The guys behind Monogram Recordings are Anders Hellgren och David Myhr who were the two members of the now dissolved band the Merrymakers. With the albums No Sleep Til Famous (CNR/Arcade 1995) and Bubblegun (Virgin 1998) the group became a respected name in the power pop world. In the latter they worked together with among others Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish). The albums have been released among other countries in the U.S. where the band performed various times (Austin, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco).

But above all the band has had success in Japan where the single ”Monument of me” was a huge radio hit in 1997. The both albums sold more than 100,000 copies. Hellgren and Myhr have as a producer’s team during 1999-2009 worked with both Swedish and Japanese album productions. The last few years they have written and produced five songs for the Japanese duo PuffyAmiYumi.

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Last year Monogram recorded the album ”Chronicle” for the Japanese band Fujifabric. It was released in May and went straight into #8 on the Japanese album charts.

Monogram has also been active in other areas within music production including everything from demo production for upcoming artists to making music for commercials (radio/TV-jingles) and karaoke/backtracks production.

We look forward to hearing from you!